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Until a week ago, I never heard of this book.
I did online test, sent him results, requested he test, repeated few days later without result - ie: no interest
Without mowing such a book existed, we ave had conversations about perception of love, how one can do "x" but not valued/seen as love by other
I make it a point to emphasise when I see love in his actions/words, be they t'wards me or others.... we smile together :-)

In my culture, it is community to hug/kiss others (think Greek/Italian/French)
So we balance the line of acceptable/unacceptable physical contact very delicately.
I've two best friends, female, never sexual, but one, we get "into" each others space and we're well there, he husband reacts a little odd, jokes/pokes at us: the other likes her private space as hers, no touching/double-kiss, yet even she will open, now and then, and we share connectedness
It's not sex, sex is an extension thereof (depending on the relationship)
But connectedness, not "doing together" but "being", just for a moment....
Replicating that moment.... stretching it.....
Sex is the easy part, physical mechanics....
The spirit, the inner you, open, loving, naked (with or without clothing)....

Sorry, I know you know what's mean
I believe it's what we all want, really, just to be loved
How we transmit/receive love varies from person to person
How to balance that long term with one person is a challenge,
With multiples, that much more so :-)
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