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can I hijack for a quick moment ehre please?!

it is soooooo awesome to hear theres someoen else out there who loves and enjoys hugs as much as I do, I miss being able to hug more freely and just simply when happy to see someone. I've noticed too, it seems most folks are no longer comfortable or okay with just a simple "i've missed you and i'm happy to see you" hug. when did we loose that? why? i miss those simple touches so much.

*Big hugs Rarechild*

done hijacking, just had to appreciate a fellow hugger in my midst!

Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
I consider one of my greatest talents to be my ability to hug and hold well, in good times and bad, as I've had many dear friends tell me how much my hugs mean to them.

I have a few close friends that I feel very comfortable sleeping in the same bed with, cuddling with, kissing affectionately, (no tounge!), making appreciative comments on their attractiveness and so on, both male and female, who I have never and probably will never have sex with.

I am not afraid to enthusiastic full-body hug someone I've just met, or hold someone's hand while walking. Of course not everyone is comfortable with that, but for the ones I become intimate with and hold lasting friendships with, physical touch is a wonderful and beautiful way to express my love for my friends.

People don't get enough hugs. Or they get halfhearted, pelvis drawn back hugs. I hug hard and long, play with hair, get a good pull of their scent, and it feels really good and is an intimate, love-building experience. In this way I get all the hugs I want and need, and someone else goes away feeling cared for.

I think that so many people are so physically isolated in this increasingly detached world that they don't even know how to show affection unless it is sexual.

That is the one thing I find unsatisfying about this forum- I can only write my hugs to you all when I need one or think you do, and that's just not good enough.
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