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Default the importance of social dynamics and a second.

Hear is something to ask yourselves,
why do 50% of marriages and relationships in vanilla, gay and lesbian fail even more in polyamora?
what is the most important question in counceling before getting hitched that councelers never ask or is over looked even in divorce counceling.
its not jobs or money, sex, you like/love each other (most couples still believe sex is love) Answer; Its the social dynamics of the couple or the poly group.
Meaning the domianant submisive dynamic, most belive this is all about the sub being overburdened by the Dom where punishment is the order of the day, its not! its about common sense and the way nature intended, look around, look at nature, look at the animals, this should give you a clue. before getting into a meaningful relationship both have to figure out and lovingly accept each ones position, who will have the responcibility of being the dominant, the primary financial provider, the protector, the final dicision maker, and who will be the sub the comfort provider the gatherer, however the sub position will have equal say and respect as the dominant but he the male will have the responcibillity for the familly, I realize times are changing however its still most important to know ones position and respect it for a lasting relationship other wise their will be confussion,disrespect, and a chaotic relationship.
There can only be one king or a queen at one time not two, only one president, one dictator, one primeminister, one CEO, one pope, one leader, only one captain of a ship, this social dynamic is taken from nature, its natures way of creating harmoney among all its creatures. human couples where each is dominant will spend more time fighting for dominance of the other and their way only. two submissives will never get anything done, one waiting for the other to make a dicision, finances, life and house in chaose, with polyamory where a third is added, that third shall be sub to the wife or first female where she must be naturaly enthusiastic and want to be second to the wife where she can enjoy both, this aply's to a second male also. those that disagree that feel they should have access to the male at all times are usually in a chaotic relationship, should find their own male and have her own willing female sub, a willing female sub should be cherished and serviced by both, never to feel left out but a dynamic part of their loving relationship including sitting in on financial matters or planning social events, not feel put in a closit and let out to service the couple. unless this is what she craves as a happy masochist.
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