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You mention trying everything, of being naive.... How so naive? What growth, what addition night came to light, that gave you a new perception of your reality?

I realize you may not want to share ths insight openly, or perhaps it was a series of things therefor too long to get into, yet this is how I'm feeling, naive... like there's some fact/reality here I'm missing/overlooked....

Which links perfectly with his lack of libido actually. He admits he self-services (but has no interest in my participating in any way with this activity, or any interest in me helping find hm a partner, with or without my joining) and when I am able to get him going, all the plumbing works fine..... He just has no interest in another physical form, mine or other (says he wants only mine yet only shares of himself/partakes extremely rarely...)
I don't understand. For me, physical and sexual intimacy is like eating & breathing... the potential combinations offered by poly; a veritable feast for the senses, a buffet of sensations & emotions (good & bad) within which I could happily drown a million times over.... but I want my "rock", my primary (this one or another), where I know, beyond a doubt, that come hell or high water, we're "good", we're "solid", we will face the storm & come out stronger
My primary & I, we have this on so many levels..... except physical & emotional intimacy. No amount of conversation, explanation, discussion, whatever, has been able to get us closer to resolution on this. Best I could do is negotiate this DADT which has reminded me I am female and I'm not as unattractive/undesirable as I may think I am.
Sorry...... Babbling.....

I feel I'm missing something here.....
Yet know too the answer(s) can only come from him....
Or from when my own brain/logic patterns, click things together (I hope: in a perfect "Ah Ha!" moment)...
Which brings me back to you, Clyde,
Naive.... How so....?
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