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I've always been a person who avoided the gaming stuff. In high school, the Atari, Commodore 64 and other such devices were just out on the market and all the guys seemed to be drawn to them. Some girls, yes ... but mostly the guys were addicted to the point of madness by these gaming consoles.

My first husband and a couple of our mutual friends started up a DnD group, and I played along. Mostly to spend time with them. The Dungeon Master accused me of being there solely to destroy his carefully laid plans. *evil chuckle* It was a good time.

After first hubby and I split up, I moved to another state where I had friends, got involved in a DnD group here mostly as a way to make friends. But found it had lost all it's appeal.

A dear friend of mine wanted me to try World of Warcraft, and I happily spent many hours with my current husband questing, raiding, achievement hunting and all sorts of things to do. My appeal to the MMO was constant as there was always many things to do and the best part was playing with my husband and friends.

We've moved on to Star Wars now. Happily so, since I've been addicted to all things Star Wars since the first movie came out.

My husband? Oh, he's a hard core gamer. Has the latest Xbox and PS3, Gamecube, PS2 and probably every gaming console he ever bought! I love it because it gives me great gift ideas for things because new games are always coming out that he would love to play. The good part of all of this is that we have a great relationship with his kids, because "game night" is usually the Wii ... and someone is going down to Table Tennis or whatever! /giggle
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