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So we've just been cruising along the last few days.

Had a bit of a hiccup where 'FIL' (H's dad - i've been calling him that for a year or more) was acting strangely a few days ago, and had insisted that M and i not be at all affectionate infront of him
But in the end he accepted the fact that its *our* house and he's the guest. well semi-accepted, but he's not going to get rude if we are at all affectionate infront of him.

I accidentally called M darling today, right infront of him, and he didn't freak out. So far, so good.
I think, actually witnessing any kind of affectionate/sexual behaviour will be where most of our friends/family will trip up. Because they're used to seeing us interact otherwise, especially in a parenting role.

Other than that. We're such a boring family its all about the kids, and then early nights. I'm desperately trying to get through uni, and having these occasional moments of 'i should NOT be trying to navigate the treacherous path that is a relationship right now'. not that its that treacherous. its very alluring though - kind of like a selkie, i just want to follow it into the waves and lose myself in it.
But i can't. stupid real world

We're also planning to go to our first, local 'poly-meet' next week. Only two of us can go (since we don't have a babysitter), but that's ok. I suspect that H and i will go, and i'm very much looking forward to it.
Our FMFTriad + 3 children + 2 pets = one crazy household

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