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Default Opening Up in TX

I'm 33, female, and have been in a monogamous marriage for almost 7 years. Long story short, a couple of years ago, my husband expressed an interest in seeking out other sex partners. We discussed it at the time, and I was open to it, but we never progressed past talking and he never pursued anyone else.

I guess that conversation has been bumping around my mind for a while, and my desire to do the same thing -- have other partners -- has intensified in the last couple of months. I sought out a polyamory-friendly therapist (found him on the kink-aware professionals list) to help me think through this and have started up the conversations with my husband again.

Last week, on vacation in California, hubby and I spent hours sitting in front of the fire and talking about all the logistics of having other partners, and I think we both realized that neither of us is looking for one-night stands or bar hookups (maybe bar/party makeout sessions ). So I started exploring polyamory. I've read The Ethical Slut and Tristan Taormino's Opening Up, and would be glad to hear recommendations of other books and resources.

But... now I think neither of us really knows how to proceed. I hope I'll find a lot of good information here on the forum!
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