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Originally Posted by River View Post
(a) How come?
Right now if you do search on a user name, the forum comes up. Just as a note, if you google search on your food blog link (, then the first 3 links go straight to Now maybe that's ok with you, since you have it right there in your signature, but maybe you might not want random people searching on your food blog to find that you have a user id on this place.

I know that as a professional wedding photographer, I don't know that I want my clients finding out that I post here. I think it could damage my business. That's why I'll never mention my real name or my business name here, nor will I use my standard message board ID here. I don't want someone (a potential client or a client's family) to search on my business name and come across posts made by their photographer. Call me crazy, but I think it *might* impact my business (being based on the edge of the bible belt as I am).

(b) Would that make it more difficult to find us? (The site, that is.)
It wouldn't make it impossible to find the forum based on a google search for "poly" or "polyamory" but it would mean the contents of the posts and of user ids would be difficult to find.
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