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Default That's a kind of magic.....

I'm sorry, to me, magic I is magic and Magick or Magik is just trying to be fancy.

I believe in magic, and witchcraft. I live magic every day. To me, it is the acknowledging of the energy, chi, soul of all of us, all around us and within and around the earth.
I read my Tarot, it tells me truths. That isn't magic to me though. But then again, with all things, just because I believe it doesn't make it true for you.

I believe we are beloved creations of a higher force. I believe there are many ways we have to effect change in our lives, I also think there are many things we don't quite understand yet, like all our lovely brains are capable of.

Quath, I love what you said, but you have to understand. Many things we take for granted today, was once viewed as magic, then science was able to explain it later. I believe alot of magic will one day be able to be explained by science, if we are open to the answers


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