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utahopful, i basicaly agree with your view, especially the idea that magic is not magical as is conventionally understood.

To me 'magic' is really just being ignorant of the physics behind a certain occurrence. To a 4 year old, watching a rabbit come out of a hat is real magic. Should someone from the 18th century happen to see a box that shows images from another world, that would be a magic box. Because we 21st century adults understand the principles of slight of hand and television these examples are 'not magical', rather, they are comprehendible phenomena from a known physical universe. (i admit i am a little sketchy on television still and so it still holds a certain magic for me)

Other more commonly understood examples of what could be called magical - mind reading, levitation, telepathy, walking on water - would and do 'lose the magic' once the physical workings are understood. Of course we need a more expansive physical understanding even a meta physical one, but that is happening. Walking on water is merely (ha) understanding on a deep molecular level the liquid nature of water and being able to relate to it in such a way as it seems, or becomes, solid to the one standing on it.
I cant pretend i can do this, but neither do i pretend that the concept is logically unsound. Indeed, once we can accept that all physical relationships
( and here i speak metaphysically although applying a similar view to polyamoury would be interesting ) are just one collection of atoms in a certain state of flux, interacting with another collection of atoms in a state of flux, and that changes in these states are caused in part by changes in the respective collections of atoms (still with me?), if we can accept that, then things like levitation, walking through walls, making gold from lead - that is any change in relating between collections of atoms - are simply a matter of learning the trick of controlling one' atom collection. Not an easy trick, at least not for me. but not a mystical magical one either, just physics.

Just because I may know the inner workings of something, does not spoil the wonder, beauty and magic of that thing.
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