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Default On a tired night, it goes like this.


hi I'm john. First of all, I think u are really very cute. I would realty like to get to know u and go from there. I'm a hard working, blue collar kind if guy. But I do well for my self. I have a cbr600rr and I ride it alot So how about we trade facebook info, or i could just text u. I'm lot a fan of just talking on here. I just want to meet a nice, fun, kick ass girl LOL. So we can chat and just see where it goes. Iv been on a big work out and diet kick as of late and iv lost 50lbs from my pics



What the fuck is a cbr600rr when it's at home? And is this guy aware of the risks of endless tattooing? I mean, have you seen the MMWR articles lately about the skin infections resulting from tainted ink?

If that hadn't been syntax soup up there, maybe I'd have bothered. As it is, no. Not until my brain re-jellifies.
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