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Default A man at large in a very strange world

I am a man, mid thirties, now living in the UK as a travelling storyteller leather worker, festival rigger, performer, juggling teacher, mobile cafe manager and general vagabond. I like old things and belive that many of the old ways of living hold valuable lessons for this age of environmentally desasterous post industrial capitalist mess. Friends call me a luddite hobbit-like victorian highwayman. This is a fairly accurate description as it goes.

How I came to this situation from a being very conventional (conservative?) suburban Liberal Arts student is a much longer story. Do ask if you are interested.

I am married, though estranged, and this estrangement is what led me to the consept of polyamoury and a general questioning of the nature of relationships. Currently I have a very close loving sexually intimate frendship with a beautiful supportive and surprising women. I am blessed to share loving friendships with several other people on a mostly non sexual basis, though this state can and does constantly shift.

Though not new to the concept of polyamoury, I am limited in experience and am looking to learn and share with people on all levels.
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