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She said to my husband that she was really into the situation even though she never thought about it. But any time the three of us would talk after she would say to me that this isn't God's way and in the bible a woman is not supposed to lay with another woman. From the very beginning we were up front and honest about what we were looking for. We were dating for about 6 months - she tended to talk more to my husband than me and when i would try to call her she wouldn't respond. So I had talked to my husband about the situation and we talked about it. She had said that she really didn't like the idea of me being involved in a committed relationship she really just wanted to have fun - But fun to her was going out drinking and then coming to us and spending the night with the both of us - and we would take that as perhaps she is coming around - and she would say yeah i can do this....It was a constant flip flop of emotions. And it really wasn't fair or so I think it wasn't fair. So we have backed away from the whole relationship aspect at this point and have decided just to be friends. She said that she doesn't understand how we can want someone else involved in our marriage and that she wants a husband of her own. So that is fine with the both of us but the fact that now we feel hurt and confused about everything that happens has affected the primary relationship between the two of us. Now I am left feeling like an outsider. But my husband reassures me that he will not go forward in any relationship unless it is what we are looking for - or at least where we all feel comfortable.
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