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Ah, Chronic Patient Land. I have to see docs today but I'll tag you in private message later. I've had my ups and downs there!

We all get to that place -- you call it spear theory. I call it "I might have ____! But it doesn't have to have ME!" Annoyingly, I have too many blanks in there. I am a walking endocrine mess!

'Tis a bitch, but I know several church friends who also deal in Chronic Patient Land. Even if we don't all have the same condition? Some things are all the same. Doctor parade, energy levels fluxing, feeling like a walking pharmacy sometimes, insurance hassles, LOOKING normal to other people, but not really on the inside, etc.

In that sense? Commonalities despite the flavor illness we have?

Kinda like poly -- even though we don't all want the same polyamorous configuration or style? Don't all have the same personalities? Polyamory still has common threads weaving through it. Like ethics, honesty, etc.

So yah. I'll fling my voice to the Common Choir. We all need the larger Polyamory support group in which to hear the voices -- but the voices need to speak. Stories shared is what builds community.


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