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Well we've had our own issues but lately I try to deal with it quicker directly with Glitter rather than venting on here or anywhere else. Tonight we had a massive blow up while I thought we would be dealing with things and calming the situation down out on a 5k walk.

I did mention people keep telling me grow-up, grow a set of balls, etc (even by Glitter) and yes I did tell someone I'm not sure how much more I can take in our marriage and if I should start preparing for a break-up with Glitter as things continue going downhill and we both are feeling hurt more and more. This was pounced on by Petal (or whatever the heck her name is now lol) she instantly started a group chat for counseling, Petal and Music on voice, Glitter and myself typing and it was extremely hard to follow to say the least!

Three of four of us were very angry and all ranting, eventually Petal turned into bashing and picking a side too. Accusations back and forth. I even bluntly said don't you think it's a little weird Music in here *cough* helping us with OUR relationship and our marriage when ofc he's jumping on every little thing bashing me since he likes Glitter and I'm made out to by the "bad guy"

So yeah it didn't end to well when Music threatening to bash my face in if he sees me. After the chat ended with alot of fuck yous and come say that to my face!!! I told Glitter Music pretty much sealed the deal he is NEVER welcome in our house EVER and in fact I do NOT want him on our property as he does have violence problems since childhood and it continues to this day and I would also take ANY measures to defend myself! Since he's bragged what he's capable of. They could still date I have always said I'm not jealous but yeah she would have to meet him elsewhere not be picked up at home.

I was also feeling guilty as just yesterday I was telling Glitter how if Music and I could spend more time hanging-out, if I got to know the side Glitter sees not the asshole ego side I think we could be good friends and it would go a long ways to build a trust in him even to the point of us all being "comfortable" *cough* with whatever in our own home. Sighs, how quickly things change

On the positive side with our blow-up (Glitter and I) had tonight then the blow-up with all 4 of us in chat, this drastically renewed the idea of looking at working at our relationship and counseling both personal and marriage since we are both bringing our own problems and baggage into any new relationships and it's causing alot of sparks to fly... and NOT in a good way LOL.

I'm REALLY hoping we can make it out to our local munch next month and it would be so nice if we could take things slower as we better ourselves, make new friends "meaning friends only" into Poly or an alternative lifestyle and have that boost within our relationship being able to just hang out with other people as friends. Ease the stress of our lives and our relationship having people outside our family and relationship to talk with, hang-out with, etc.

Without the panic race with either of us in the OMG I NEED to find a relationship NOW!!! (so I feel better... meaning glitter or myself. We both tend to want to jump right in to get that feeling.)
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