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I'm pretty sure I'm just not meant to be in a second relationship with a man. lol Bashful finally contacted me again, apologizing for the absenteeism and just saying that there had been some relationship issues on the home front on top of one of the kids being sick part of the week (I knew about the kid and had told him not to worry about me and to focus on being there for her while she needed him, but reminded him that I would be unavailable for 10 days-ish soon so if he could make time for a cup of coffee or something I'd love it). No other explanation, even after I asked, all I got was "poly stuff." That's fine, but is it something that is continually going to affect me? Is it something I need to be aware of to make sure that our dates don't go into overtime (we both have a habit of losing track of time)? Does he need to take another week or two or longer to make sure all's well? I'm going to be out of town for a while, so I mean, in reality it won't affect me much until I get back, but if he isn't comfortable communicating with me AT ALL about issues he's having with his primary partner, do I even want to attempt to see where things could go? I've been kind of on the fence about my attraction level anyway, and this may just be the deciding factor between pursuing a just friends relationship vs. a possible romantic one. Blah!

I'm almost ready to give up on men altogether. I'm generally more attracted to women anyway, but it feels so... wrong, somehow.. to make my profiles viewable only to women. We'll see.
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