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I'm not perfect -- and I've tried Fly Lady and Motivated Moms and other systems like SHE. Just keep looking for the one that fits your personality.

I like Let's Clean Up because while the SET UP takes time, it can break out the chore lists by NAME of person. So I just have to worry about MINE, that I have agreed to execute "for helping the family."

DH and kid worry about theirs. It becomes really easy to see then who is not pulling weight, and who has crazy expectations.

My kid grumbles when I make her check her list but I just flat out tell her "Hey, you are part of this family. You HAVE to help out the family in your way -- so get to your responsibilities. Mommy has to do hers for the family, Daddy does his. You do yours!"

I'm the one who is also the list manager so every semester I check the set up and after that I'm just a chore-r with a list to knock off.

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