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Originally Posted by jenzen View Post
But thats what was happening, we brought it to his attention and some effort was semi-made on his part but it was really too little too late. There's more to having a job than just the paycheck, a job, regardless of what it is, keeps the mind active. If a person just sits in front of the TV and does nothing or very little else, they start to mentaly fade.
I don't know anything about living in a triad situation, but I do know a lot about housework. I know GalaGirl recommended a chore chart, but I know when I first became the household manager, I found that kind of overwhelming, especially if I got behind one day. I really really like FlyLady. I know it's directed at women, and maybe he won't like it because of that, but the daily support of routines, letting go of perfectionism, etc... really helped me get to the point where now I do have a bunch of charts to keep track of the household management and find them helpful and not overwhelming. A big part of fly lady is baby steps, of just adding a few routines at a time. I know you said it's too little too late, but I think little by little is how we overcome "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome," lol. Just a thought.
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