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I have found that I, personally prefer someone who has a primary. C has dated both and has come across problems with both. He met a woman, new to poly and single who within 3 days of them talking started with very Cowgirl, Mono staements such as, Our relationship needs to be sacred, if you really are happy with them, why are you with me, I need more time with you stuff, yes 3 days! He also had issues with a married woman he was interested in as she didn't want him to meet her husband. I have come across the same in my experiences with other men, but I definitely avoid the single and new to poly unless they were really really spectacular,(haven't found one yet). I guess it's just a scary combo for me. There are issues with every situation. It's best to find what everyones comfort levels are right from the start. We have all agreed that we all meet potential dates up front, that just works best for us.
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