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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
In terms of prying eyes from a random surf past...boss, coworker, etc...depends on how others feel about it.
(I don't have a vested interest in it....I'm too paranoid to post anything too personal on any public forum.)
A couple of thoughts about this:

1 - In terms of a random surf, then if someone finds content on this board, you could equally question back what they were doing reading here if the content is an issue!

2a - In terms of someone actually finding you, you can set the board so that threads here are not Google (or other search engine) searchable. (Right now threads on this board ARE Google searchable - search for your user name in Google and your poly forum posts will show up in the search results.)

2b - In other terms of finding people - if privacy is an issue, then make sure that your username is not something that people would associate with you or one that you use on other boards. Don't post names or personal information.

As far as true privacy goes - restricting the boards to registered members only is purely window dressing when it comes to privacy. I registered for this board in less than 3 mins. I signed up, clicked "I agree", entered the captcha, and confirmed my email addy. Voila - I was a member here. Now I think I've posted enough for people to realize I'm not a stalker or lurker or here for some nefarious reasons ... but ultimately unless you make it a closed, restricted access, admin approval needed process, any Joe Schmoe can create a member name and read the board.

If people want to post things that are THAT private and personal, I'd suggest that a public message board might not be the place to do it. To change the message board to allow private and personal postings for a few people would be detrimental to the community at large, IMO.

But as I said in my first post to this thread: It all depends on what kind of community you're trying to create.
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