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Thank you so, so much. It is so helpful to hear how you have each dealt with things. And also so interesting to read how we have all set up our relationships in similar ways and also different ways. After reading your answers, my husband and I had a great talk last night that really clarified where we are and what our hopes are for ourselves and for the quad. And now we both feel in a much stronger position to go back to our friends and have a similar talk. We think they are in the same place we are. Though the fear, of course, though we highly doubt this, is that we'll find out they aren't. Still, if that's the case we need to know that so we can hopefully figure out something that works for all of us.

As challenging as it is at times I really feel so incredibly blessed to have this couple in our lives. I wake up most mornings and just smile at how remarkable and unbelievable this all is. And I can already tell that reading your stories and knowing that you've been able to maintain your relationships and are still so happy years later will help me quit worrying about the future.

Hope we can all stay in touch. I don't have nearly the experience of you folks, but I'm a good listener if either of you ever want to "talk."
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