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Thanks to both of you I am sure we can too.

Off to Poly Camp tomorrow. Leaving you with one mod. Be nice to him, LOL. He has my cell to call if anything comes up...

See you monday.


Mono, LB, Brad and his wife and boy went to a drive in movie last night. What a fun time. Mono, LB and I wandered around waiting for the movie to start before hand and enjoyed laughing and being together. There was a load off it felt like and we just relaxed. Brad and family meet up with us shortly before the movie started and the boys played a bit together. The adults and kids all sat around for a bit and chatted and joked. We all had a relaxed and fun time. It was very light hearted and just fun. We needed that.

Yesterday I went to pick up the ticket for the movie from Brad's wife's bf. He wasn't able to go to the movie. He was the one that I was so fearful to meet last weekend at the camp site. We talked for a bit and he told me of his child's accident among other things and I told him of my childhood growing up with drive in movies. Movies where we had to bring the aluminum speaker into the car and our hands always got dirty. I remember eating popcorn after with dirty hands. We also had to light mosquito coils and tape screening to the windows after everyone was in. We were in big trouble if anyone had to go to the bathroom, which of course I always did, lol. Fun times.

After a chat for a time about life and other things going on I told him that I had been nervous to meet him due to his relationship with Leo's wife. He listened intently as I told him how I appreciated that he had taken me at face value and had been inviting and inclusive of me in the conversation with their group. He said that the topic of me had been off limits and that he was happy to meet me.

While I appreciate that there has been a cone of silence on the topic I was actually a bit confused. I don't generally go by that option, but in this case appreciated it and understand why it wouldn't be necessary. It would of been gossip anyway rather than informative. Its not really something that needs discussion on their end as I am not dating him and really he is far removed so I can see why.

For me it has been a matter of fear and pain and getting through that... I told him that I had been fearful because there was some pain there still for me and he said he appreciated knowing that. It feels done to me now that I have said that and there is no need to bring it up again.

I am looking forward to spending time with him and his family if I should be invited now without the weight of the past on my shoulders. Slowly it lifts in terms of others, and becomes one solitary weight of not being lifted from them. Yay, communication! I think he liked knowing he did something that made someone else feel comfortable too. Bonus' all around.
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