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Money...he doesn't work but he is real good at spending. I work anywhere from 8 to 15 hrs a day and sometimes I work 12 days straight to make sure things are covered and there's extra. I do see him making some effort to get a job and I've said all along that as long as he can cover 1 very expensive vehicle payment (his motorcycle) and 1 other payment that he alone has incurred, I don't have an issue with paying extra. Somedays the wife agrees with me and other days she doesn't (right now she doesn't). We've tried the extra household chore didn't work so well. My work day sometimes starts at midnight and has the potential to go until 3pm, so when I get home I don't want to see dirty dishes, I don't want to have to start supper, run the sweeper, clean a bathroom. But thats what was happening, we brought it to his attention and some effort was semi-made on his part but it was really too little too late. There's more to having a job than just the paycheck, a job, regardless of what it is, keeps the mind active. If a person just sits in front of the TV and does nothing or very little else, they start to mentaly fade.

Introductions..sometimes they come across in such a way that we feel like we are on display..i.e. after one intro in particular, a guy thought he had the right to put his hands on me. Why should how we choose to live and love entitle anyone to feel it's "OK" to be so disrespectful?!

Schedule..we, the ladies, already have schedules..i.e. work schedule, housework schedule, bill schedule..get the idea? We don't want to turn one on one time into a schedule, we think if we do this it's going to start feeling like work! We do enough of that

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