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I've cared for my friends-with-benefits/lovers....did I love them? No, because most never allowed me to get to really know them, to hang out with them and do other things. A few I would talk with, watch movies with, have drinks..I considered them btw the lover and BF, which was ok. Either way, if we both were going back for more, it meant there had to be some kind of connection, which sometimes is just fine. I'm not sure I could tell another man easily "I love you" and I definitely wouldn't if all I could base things on was the quality of the sex. Most of the men though that I met confused FWB with FB (fuck buddy) them, it's the same thing. Being friends actually means you have to like the other person, enjoy being around then. Plenty will have a FB that they may not like as a person but are happy to use for sex.

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