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Originally Posted by InHateOF View Post
I would be very careful about meeting people online. Make sure you know what you are doing. for instance, I check all my potential contacts here . Might save you a lot of troubles
It's scary out there. Depending on who you are looking for (man or woman), you will run in to all sorts of 'interesting' individuals. I spent most of my time on aff. In my opinion, it's not the best place to seek a poly relationship since most mistake it with "having multiple sex partners". If you do use that site, your profile must be VERY CLEAR on what you are looking for, and even then, most won't read it 'cos they don't care what you want, it's about "i like your picture. i want you". I met very few genuine, honest, poly people on there. In 5 years, only one friend who I can say is poly told me "I love you" and we went on all types of dates, concerts, dinners, etc... That lasted about 8 months. A record! Most just want sex, take what they can get a few times, and run once they feel they can't handle the emotional aspect of it. They either want more, or can't find a 'happy place' with what it is. So they let go, rather abrubtly in most cases. Sad. I can't say that I'll not ever feel hurt when that happens, but it gets easier.
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