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Default 19 and green to polyamory

Hi! I'm JD, I'm 19 and I have recently found out that I am polyamorous. My ex-girlfriend, however, did not take kindly to that revelation. She promptly threw me away, like a piece of refuse. Smash-cut to now, I am trying to find my way knowing what I know now, and the moral dilemmas that any personal revelation entails, so far I have concluded that I am heterosexual, and would prefer equal, mutual love polygons. I joined so that I could find my way through this. I know I am young. But I absolutely feel my heart cannot belong to one alone. Also, my heart is not a jealous heart. I want to share and be shared. That being said, I have many questions. The one that's on my mind right now is: Am I being too idealist and should be more realistic?
I apologize for being so long winded about myself...

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