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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
True. The current configuration, however, has the Fireplace grouped with polycentric boards, also.

I view the two as working together as both involve sharing what's happening in life, whether it involves relationships or not.
I find Fireplace to be more of a general topic anything but poly place. And doesn't really follow the same logic as the blog one.

I think it was lumped with the poly boards because there probably wouldn't be as much sense lumping it by itself.

If anything, the Layout might be modified as follows:
as is,
minus Fireplace.
Plus - Advanced Topics (however named)

Add Category - General Interest:
Move Fireplace here
Life stories & blogs...could go here, or remain in Poly....either way.

No Change

My thoughts on Advanced topics is that it should probably be invisible or restricted from guests. Otherwise I think the content would be mostly self happens with New to Poly threads. Option always exists to move threads if they're started up in a less optimal area.
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