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Originally Posted by kittycat View Post
From stories he tells me, it seems that these issues go right back to when he was a teenager.
Has he got health insurance? If yes, can he get his ass into therapy already? I understand having issues from way back. I've had to deal with them or get professional help. It's not easy, but it's better than taking out his frustration on his partner. Who is YOU. And you matter, too.

The biggest changes I made from my gawky teenage years into my va-va-voom adulthood had a lot to do with what was between my ears. A whole lot of the dating game is about attitude. Believe you're pathetic and you'll probably come off as pathetic. Believe you're worth it and others might, too. (Okay, so the new glasses helped, and I did figure out how to dress myself well. I still didn't drive the boys wild until I learned how to inhabit my looks and love ME first.)
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