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Default The part I should've put first, huh?

For someone whose primary is the English language, I really am terrible at autobiographical blurbs.

You can call me Cass. I'm 26, poly, one of CielDuMatin's partners, and quite happy with our vee. We met four years ago at my first-ever poly meetup. I did not go there looking for a partner. I swear I was just curious as to who was making this work and how. Then I sat down opposite CdM and my metamour, M. Our anniversary is a movable feast because neither of us wanted to go back and look up exact dates. I have a mind like a steel colander, you could say.

-- I am really not accustomed to saying much about us. We function. In terms of hierarchy, I'm the one who doesn't live with them, but what does that say about how much he loves me? Not a darn thing. He finds solace in me, and pleasure, and a great deal of companionship. I choose to let him into the mate-selection process because he sees things I don't. If he's not polysaturated, he's the nearest thing to it, and M is monogamous; combined with my pickiness, we are effectively closed.

I don't think much further than "what if?" right now. Aside from being poly, I am also a woman, a daughter of daughters, a student when my disability lets me indulge, maybe an employee next summer, and a person who writes fiction for kicks. Now that I am getting stronger, I can try playing my flute again. There is so much I care about that doesn't relate to being part of a relationship. I don't think I'd be a very good partner if I weren't so comfortable as me.

I give a lot of advice. I hit a lot of nerves. I plan to start soft-pedaling it when I have paying clients. I know how to cut to the heart of a matter. I see it as an asset, not a liability. I've been ill-served by the gentle approach; I wouldn't do that to someone who needed to hear a few home truths. I am probably going to be the kind of social worker who kicks ass, takes names, attempts to fix the system, gets sacked, and strikes out on her own. I am okay with that. I was never one to sit down, shut up, and play nice unless I damn well pleased.

Have I missed anything?
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