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I`m neither. I identify with open relationships. I`ve heard a couple of times that open relationships are too general a category...

But, I feel that`s because people want to force me to pick and choose between casual sex and relationships.

I refuse to make such a choice. Casual sex is absolutely essential and massive to me, as is having multiple stable relationships.


The thing I identify with in polyamory is the fact that it is simpatico to bisexuality. But, the whole 'spiritual', new agey thing is a turn off to me.

Politically, I identify more with swingers. I think they are further to the right (a welcome counterpoint to polyamorous PC), and I can relate to their sense of privacy. I feel no need to introduce everyone to my multiple partners, and parade them around.

What turns me off swingers is, as mentioned in this thread, their homophobia, and furthermore, the gender roles...putting women on pedestals (although, polis do that too) and the scorn for male sexuality.

It`s funny how polis and swingers put women on pedestals in different ways: the first from a feminist stance; the latter from a chivalrous, patriarchal point of departure. And, indeed, feminism and chivalry have always been strange bed-fellows.


What turns me off both swingers and polyamory is the fact that both are based on marriage. Which I find to be superfluous symbolism, religious residue, and a false sense of comfort.


Is there anything shocking to me about group anonymous sex?? Puh-lease.
Independent, sex-positive, bi-curious, private, atheist, elitist, athletic dude.

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