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Default single and poly

I just made my first post a few minutes ago, so I figure it's time to post an actual intro.

In May my relationship of 4 years ended. We had been in an open relationship for a bit over a year and it wasn't the cause of the break up. On reflection I actually think the poly part was working so well it allowed us to stay in something that otherwise wasn't working.

On my part, I wasn't in a second relationship but really supported my partners relationships. I have some chronic health issues that definitely limit the amount of people/activities I can have with in my life I had was just full up at the time.

Now that I'm single and have been looking at what kind of relationship I want to look for I know I am definitely wanting a poly dynamic. I'm not sure exactly what my ideal is, but I think my heath and my strong need for independence will mean being a "secondary" could be really great but I definitely am inclined to dislike hierarchies.

On top of all that I'm thinking alot of sexual fluidity and different types of intimacy, and how those might play into future relationships.

So ya, happy to be here and looking forward to discovering things.
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