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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I think that's good thought.

What about adding one in that same section for... "day to day life"?

Where we could talk about normal day to day life without getting lost? Fireplace seems more of a "story" thing and life stories is more like "this is our poly story" but what about... like this last month-I was interested in some feedback about the medical issues i've been struggling with? That's just day to day life...
Or RP's 40th bday or Mono and Rp's anniversary, those are day to day life....

They pertain to OUR poly lives-but not to poly in general and ceratinly not to "new to poly" peoples needs/issues.
How about CHANGING the name from "Fireplace" to "Everyday Life". That's what's IN the "Fireplace" already. It's not like it's full of ghost stories and hot chocolate. I become frustrated when there are so many similar separate categories. We don't need a clever name at the expense of description.
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