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i agree with Gary.... although we dabbled in swinging that ended with the commitment to J & B. the evolution just sort of happened and we talked a lot about it, it sort of fell on the husband of the other 2 and myself to be the communicators. we talk everyday, and when things have been rough, he and I work it out first. In the first few years just the 4 of us hung out and vacationed almost exclusively but over time various other family members have moved closer, started going on trips (we camp a lot) and now we are up to almost always having others around us, plus we both have teenagers. Since we cant really be open to anyone we have had to make major adjustments over time, so the way it is now is that we plan trips a few times a year, don't tell anyone and try to escape, LOL, its not ideal but we also have always really enjoyed just spending time together and its fun to talk about where to go next with the anticipation of what that means for us, we talk about everything and we know for now things are limited, with sex occasionally and that's ok. its more about the 4 of us as a poly unit. so as far as your progression goes and as far as your trip goes, i agree you need to be on the same page. I would say communication is key
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