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My mom used to tell us at random that some decisions you make with the head. Some decisions you make with the heart. And the best decisions are always made from head and heart together.

Now that I'm a parent I remember those bits from Mom as I try to cram the kid head with all the things she will want to know about Life.

I think too much. We all know that around here.

Recently I asked DH if I'm a complicated person or a simple person.

He calmly told me I am a complicated person who enjoys simple things.
Me: I am? I always thought I was a simple person but things and people confuse me.

DH: Simple people do not need to take their brains off the hook.

Me: (*headwedgie*) Now there's a thought. I have to sit with that.
Brain farts are when the thoughts just fall out. Head wedgie moments are when new Thinks get squished IN. DH does that to me a lot. That's part of why I like him. He pushes me in the head.

It pinged in my head today that I think so much I assume other people are busy thinking too. And some do not. I know overdo it sometimes and like to live in my head looking at all the shiny things in there.

But there are those who do not flex head muscles much or run at a different speed.

So yah. Don't ding me thoughtlessly. Give me both heart and head, please when you consider me in decisions.

Maybe that needs to be an addendum to our rights and responsibilites. I have it as don't ding me intentionally. But don't ding me THOUGHTLESSLY either!

I have to ask DH his opinion on that. (Babe -- email me that one. Thanks.)
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