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Originally Posted by will View Post
Tree, i like to thank you very very much for the reply, and others say its been two years and yes it has.. and you know that is very sad. Last year i finally broke away from this person; and to give back ground, yes I told her in the VERY BEGINNING.. nothing was suprise or new to that situation; But Ttree, i needed to hear what you had to say, and over the last few days i read your reply several times... it was healing to let me know i am doing the right things. I have no one right now, and maybe someday i may find the right place to build a family or maybe not, but for now i'm focused in business and hopefully that empty spot for a family in my heart may find its place.

I appreciate ALL THE RESPONSES, THEY ARE ALL VERY HELPFUL (Even the sarcastic ones about my absence)... THANK YOU.
Thanks for your reply, Will. I admit when I posted it that I didn't check the year posted, however I do think that sometimes it can still add clarity when someone posts even a while after the event (in answer to your question, Nycidie). One never knows if the person's issue ever got resolved, if perhaps they stayed with the same person and have been suffering worse for it, or have had on and off relationships or the presence of the same (or another) toxic individual in their lives, or as you said, Will, they may need some more reassurance even years after the event to know that they did the right thing, as these issues don't simply heal and become forgotten overnight, and may affect our own lives and other relationships later on. If a question touches my heart I like to just answer it openly and honestly in the hopes that it will shed some clarity, and I tend to base my answers on my own personal experiences and try to make it clear where I am merely speculating.

Also, I do suspect that other people may read these forums even if the original person doesn't, and they may have similar queries. I don't usually post questions, I usually see how other people's questions have been answered instead. The only reason I posted a question recently was because I was desperate for some answers from someone who understood me and couldn't find anything relevant to me, was completely lost in the forums.

I am really glad to know that you found this useful, Will. Thank you very much for your reply and I really hope that things go well for you.
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