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Cuninglingwist - OUCH - DUDE - punctuation. Learn it, use it. I tried to read that "paragraph" three times and couldn't make it through once.

I thought this thread would stay dead and buried, and that the topic was something the community in general had outgrown. Interesting that this thread should be brought back to life now, just as I'm proven wrong about the community in general by a fresh 'outbreak' of poly vs. swinger bitching breaking out in the community here in Vegas.

I think that labels are for the newbies and the insecure. Not just with poly, but everywhere. The more familiar you get with a situation, a group of people, and way of life - ANYTHING - the less "necessary" you find labels to be. As it applies here, I think the poly and swinger labels fall into disuse the longer you're involved with either and/or both communities and get your head wrapped around the concept that no two relationship constructs are alike - even in the mono world!

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