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Originally Posted by redsirenn View Post
Some could argue sex is involved in this divide. However, even this has caveats, because monogamous living does "allow" for dating multiple people, even somewhat seriously, and having all partners aware of it. Until EVENTUALLY one is chosen for some period of time. (mono can mean one at a time, not in a lifetime)

So - The more I think about it, the more the divide is blurred.
I totally agree with everything you say Red.
And I think the "sex" thing does become maybe the biggest divide.
Our current western culture is just totally ....what's the best word....obsessed, with sex in general. This has often been my "soapbox" and I'm coming to think that the way I view sexuality is vastly disconnected from mainstream culture and even some on the fringe. I think it's given WAY more attention than it deserves primarily because I feel a vast majority of people have never really dug into it beyond the superficial aspects. I've always said that for example, the whole gay rights etc movement(s) should never have been necessary. People's sexual preferences deserve no more discussion than their culinary tastes ! You like bland - I like spicy - cool ! Let's go eat. End of discussion.
Of course I've always felt the same about race and many other things and I realize that I seem to among the tiny minority apparently. You're black - I'm white - She's red. Cool ! Let's go eat ! End of discussion.
But humans seem to have a proclivity for wanting to turn a multi-hued world into balck and white - with THEIR definition of black and white being the only one possible. Are we just lazy ? I don't know.
Things really could just be so much simpler, and nicer if some of these "divides" just were acknowledged for the color they are and let go. We have more important things to accomplish.

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