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I was thinking a bit more about this. It isn't at all a matter of talking about this with them. It obviously needs to be done and we'll find the words to do it. We have strong communication between us about everything else, so we'll manage this too.

The larger issue is just more about finding our boundaries and learning how to be a part of this quad and keep the relationships healthy. In a more typical relationship, after 14 months most people would be thinking about progressing the relationship in some way, and you could look around you and see all sorts of couples to model that relationship on. As a quad, none of us know anybody with anything even close to what we have. We're just making the rules up as we go and sometimes figuring things out on the fly. The relationship we have now may never progress. It may always be just what it is now and nothing more. And that's okay. It's just different than what I'm used to, and this process of trying to figure out how to operate within that framework is really confusing at times. Hope that makes sense.
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