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well there is so many philosophies, but after looking closer, each one has so many different derivatives. You cant just read a book on Poly and decide its supposed to go that way for your lifestyle. You can still be a closeknit family and not have to sleep/ play together.

Group living is getting to be more and more the way to go, in current global conditions where sharing resources like in older tribal times a necessity. There is just too many life chores that need to be done for one person. Just think if there was 6-8 people sharing Food, Heating, Transportation Costs (to name a few)

there does need to be a certain form of intimacy (non sexual) to make things work. A tribal organization that doesnt even need to live on the same place could even happen, but sharing costs is alot better.

I fix Cars and someone else has Food or Garden and I dont really need to own a Car or Truck, if I just get a ride to town once in a while, and get a food basket once in a while..... I do construction and keep someones dwelling going and we all need to go to the Produce Market and get some bulk food to put away for winter, or some lumber for another addon.....

I would like to collect some like minded locals and discuss the kind of things that are power for a group like this for living in this area. Group Living has been successful since ancient times in many cultures

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