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"The Fireplace" - I saw someone say in another thread that they had wanted to talk about something (was it a health issue or a health issue of family member or something... I can't remember...) but they felt hesitant to post it in "The Fireplace" because that area of the forum currently isn't very active and he/she wasn't sure anyone would want to hear about it.
That was me.

I would love to see a section for "experienced poly"

But I don't think it needs to be... closed to everyone.
I'm more thinking of... how do I word this?

When you click on "new to poly" you expect to read things pertienent to NEW to poly issues right?
A section labeled "experienced in poly" or soemthing along those lines could still be OPEN to everyone-but they would/could expect to see threads tht pertain less to "omg my girlfriend just told me she's poly and my heart is breaking" and more "wow this is our 10th year in poly and we're making a life change to include a baby" or the like...

Does that make any sense?

I think somehow we got stuck on the "closed area" idea. But for me-I don't think it needs to be CLOSED so much as I'd like to be able to find threads that are..........mature? in their poly topic...
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