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It's bizarre to think that this has only been a real relationship for a month.
I think the fact that our relationships were already so strong before we started being sexual has truly helped. I'm sure I've still got a lot of the NRE, but at the same time, we act like an old married family LOL

M gave both me and H a beautiful necklace each last night. Her's has two pendants, one big heart and two small entwined hearts. Cause there's three of us (although my first reaction was 'it's the three kids' lol. Clearly, the kids are important to me). And mine has a pendant with love written in a heart.
Totally gorgeous. And I'm very impressed that he not only chose them himself...but got us different ones <3

Plus H and I spent about an hour doing indepth talking about where we're at, what we feel etc. which is always very soothing and cleansing I find. It's been one of the things that has helped ground me over the last eighteen months, since we moved in together.

I also told my sister today (we're both at uni full time so I haven't seen her in about a month :-( ). And she was ecstatic for me. We're having coffee tomorrow so I can gush and she can gush about her boy :-)
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