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Slipped away from this site for a good while. Been through lots of ups and downs just within the last month or two. Ended up not spending a whole lot of time here, just because I seemed to be getting my kicks elsewhere. Been doing a lot of gaming, seeing and talking to so many friends, who are temporarily out of uni for a little while. Most of them back September or October.

I'm still feeling good about this year. I think it's been one of the best years in terms of my happiness levels yet. =] A goal for this same time next year, is to be comfortable in a nice work environment, earning some good money. I expect my mother will be in Canada by then, and my sister possibly living in Australia for a year or so. So I'll be all on my lonesome. It'll be all on me to keep myself with a roof over my head. It's going to be hectic, scary, and one hell of a learning experience. Hoping all goes well. =]

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