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I just got back into playing on my PS3. Been a PC gamer for going on 2 years now. My PS3 has been sitting cold. But recently [far behind, I know] got a HD TV. First flat screen TV at all, oddly. =P Took me long enough to even get one for my PC. Even now, it's still a measly 19" 1366*768 thing! Haha. But yeah, now with the full power of my PS3 able to shine through, and with some trophy updates for Metal Gear Solid 4, I figured I'd dust it off and play through some of the games again. Still mainly on my PC though. Even though my TV may be HD, my measly PC monitor at least can still manage modern graphics details. Even a lot of the PS3 games are starting to look blocky. You just get used to higher and higher quality from graphics.
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