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Default Oh Noooo

Getting a little full of yourself dont you think!

I think you need to take a nap, aswering to many questions like your the resident expert can do that to you!

hello this is a forum isent it, or have you dicided only you can answer,
who are you to announce a story isent true, how obnocious of you,
when someone offers advice or relates a story of something that happened in the past, who are you to be so rude to the person that has taken the time to respond,
just because you have little or no experience it doesent mean it dident happen.

when people take the time to respond to a thread in a forum they do so because they can its called a forum... <flame deleted>.
we dont need people that want to creat auguments and nastyness over a coment
Since your the only one complaining, you need to take your own advice

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