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Default I had it once, now I want it again

The first time was with a girlfriend who moved in with me, after her girlfriend room mate moved out to live with her boyfriend, everything was fine with us, both of us openminded, we even went swinging a couple of times but liked our co better, then a call from her ex live in girlfriend, she was all up set, her and her love had split "after she confessed she was bisexual" he flipped called her a whore he told their families she was a lesbian, (ignorance) she needed a place to stay for a week or two so she could store her stuff, of course we said yes but the problem was we only had a king size bed, she would have to sleep on the couch, things were going well with all three of us , then one night my girl confessed she was also bisexual and they were lovers before she found the man of her life, (the idiot)we both felt sorry for her alone on the couch so my girl got up, talked to her and she brought her into the bedroom and started sleeping with us on the king size bed, both girls were afraid I would be jealous if i saw them hugging, but thats when I cleared the air, as the dominant male i made a few rules to follow as so we wouldent feel left out, i told them I have no problem with them making love, but it would be only fare if I made love to her to whenever I felt like it where jealousy and drama would play no part,
my girls happyly agreed, and I have to say their are times I have to do work in my office, and dont you know my girl would destract me sexually and tease me, now she can tease and play with her girlfriend when she is horny, we had the freedom to have sex with each other when ever we wanted, sometimes I would watch the football game in the big chair being waited on, and they would make out on the couch, but we loved threesomes, the girls would go cloths and grocery shopping together, sometimes go out at night together to see a band if I was busy, i have to say it was the perfect arrangement for all of us, we even went to a nudist camp[ together we shared cost three ways and even saved money, life was so f... good for all three of us, we both confessed we loved our girlfriend and she loved us, every body got what they wanted physicly, mentally, financially and sexually, both girls had excellent carreer upper management jobs, I was growing my business, then the depression came with downsizing, first our girl was transfered to florida, then my girl was transfered two months later to the west coast, we all wanted to go together but I coulded go, the economy was getting worse it was a tear jerker for all of us. Since I have been out with strait jealous closed mineded girls that would never understand or call me a pervert, they are all looking to settle down, I just carnt deal with closed minded strait girls anymore.
I have heared from the girls at diferent times, both crying on the phone, both married handsome corporate guys, totally up tight, afraid to tell them they are bisexual, one is in a big house in the burbs she calls jail, hubby comes home on weekends and they fight, the other has two kids that hate her and a cheating hubby, both were crying about the wonderful life we had together and now they are financially im looking... even to live abroad if I have to.
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