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Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
Note to self: make troubleshooting guide?
Great idea.

Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
Mind you, I'm old-fashioned about sewing. I believe we should know how to do it. Even my mother can manage a few basic stitches, and she claims the knack missed her -- passed from her aunt to her sister to me. Of course, she used to know how to knit, and I never could. Crochet's more my speed. One implement plus hands, thank you!
Me too, but I knit and don't like to crochet . I find this completely typical, you either do one or the other. Darning socks is easy, just takes patience. I don't bother with cotton socks I can get in bulk, but the boys expensive hiking socks most definitely. I find a "washable" sock yarn works best.
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