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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Who's house is it, who pays the majority of the rent/mortgage? If it's her house, her rules. Does she get mad that you don't hear her or does she call once, then come get you if she gets no response?
The former. She keeps calling and calling, and because she does that for everything, I've no way of knowing whether it is a situation where she could come up and get me or whether she's trapped somewhere. It's not down the hall as often as it is up the stairs, around corners, etc. I wish they'd go back to banging on the ceiling with brooms and such to get my attention.

I should point out that the "our house, our rules/aw, crap, it's an adult now" dilemma has been ongoing in our family. I'm 26, and have lived out previously (for a semester, but hey) and attempted to find work, only to be sacked due to illness. If not for said illness, I think I'd have got through the weirdness of living out and been happily ensconced in a flat near CdM.

I am also not the one in the household who wakes up the sleeping people with her noise. I am, however, the one who goes downstairs to ask if that's Dad's computer or the neighbor making that noise. About the only time I commit a noise violation is bathtime, when I put the music on nice and loud and sing (it's therapeutic!). Always while people are awake and/or out of the house. Then it's truly a matter of "you must come and get me, and for goodness' sake knock".

If you can't hear an emergency siren (or any other noises outside your car), the music is TOO loud.
Oh, agreed. I need to be aware of my surroundings when I drive. Useful not only for sirens but, when one drives an aging car, telltale "Get me to the garage!" noises.

In your house you can make your own rules. A great deal depends on what people grew up doing or watching other people do.
Well, the shouting would've been impractical in my mother's house, given the divisions between sections -- it's an old German house with lots of plaster and heavy doors. What went on at Dad's I'm ill-inclined to ask. His norm involved beatings.

Point is, for me, that there are three of us. Adults. (So there are no minor children in the home who will feel slighted by different rules.) Our situation is neither my fault nor my choice. We've all got to get behind basic consideration of each other's needs, just like any other three adults who cohabit. Not, I realise, something many parents like to consider when they plan for their futures -- not something I wanted, either. But there you go. Sometimes life happens and we need to adapt.
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