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You mentioned that you have had to deal with issues and challenges. We've certainly had those as well. But you have many more years invested in your quad relationship. I have a feeling I/we could learn a lot from you. I'd love to know more if you are open to sharing.

I have to say, reading about a quad that has been successful and happy for so many years makes me optimistic! We are definitely happy and so far successful, but the fact that I haven't been able to find many stories of quad relationships that have worked in the long term has worried me a little.
Would be happy to share more. Ask anything you think might be helpful. We came from a fundamental religious background so we had the ethical questions that came up a couple of times. we are still believers...but have found MUCH freedom scripturally for our lifestyle that that is no longer an issue at all. The other challenges have been when one couple or the other is squabbling and how much interaction/intervention is appropriate at these times. We have found a balance I think and it works well for us. We benefit from the additional players in the mix as squabbles seem easier to resolve. We have found 4 are even more unbreakable than 2 if you know what I mean.
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