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Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
The one that set me to thinking about it was my mother randomly screaming up the stairs for me while I was listening to music -- I just made out the last syllable of my name.
This was normal in my house.

As often as I have asked her to come UP the stairs and speak to me when there is music going, she never once has done it of her own accord. And why am I limiting it to "when there is music going", anyway?
Who's house is it, who pays the majority of the rent/mortgage? If it's her house, her rules. Does she get mad that you don't hear her or does she call once, then come get you if she gets no response?

In my house, if the kids can't hear me calling down the hall (it's less than 20 feet), when their music is on, the music is TOO loud. End of Story. As I've gotten older, my ears have become increasingly more sensitive to loud noises (including music) and less able to hear softer volume stuff, especially if there is a lot of ambient noise (music in another room). It can get actually painful and bring on a severe headache. I've got the same rule in the car. If you can't hear an emergency siren (or any other noises outside your car), the music is TOO loud.

I wouldn't shout up or down the stairs to -- I have got to come up with a nickname for my metamour that isn't too trite. Help me, love? -- Well, I wouldn't shout for her. I'd go and find her. She would probably do me the same courtesy.
In your house you can make your own rules. A great deal depends on what people grew up doing or watching other people do.

I don't feel strange about waking my mother. People with healthier brains (and who grew up in functional families) probably see this as dead bizarre.
Not bizarre, natural. She's your MOM, that's what mom's are for . Remember, you have lived with your mom longer than anyone else, she's been there through all the yucky stuff. Now that I've been married 21 years, there's stuff I would wake my husband over, but not my mother.
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