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Default paraguay.

I subscribe to over seas living, I have been thinking about paraguay my self, tired of being taxed to death, I would like to hear a first hand account of what its like, cost of living , the way society thinks, openness.

in the mean time hears a tip to finding females that can handle sharing you.

I have found many girls are bisexual but so afraid to say so, they dont walk around with female bisexual stamped on their head, but on the other hand they would proberbly welcome your polly idea as a way of living more than others,
so this way she can express herself sexually with the other girl,

I dont know how open society is in paraguay.all I know is they are a nation of mostly catholic religion, although I have known devout catholic girls to be deliciously perverted, if you carnt find ads for bifemales in the local paper you may try site.s like alt .com that have international listings.
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